Trying deadCL before diving in


Hey is it possible to try it before I commit to setting up a server?


Hi Coby

You could play hangman if you’d like to test it, but you’ll need a webspace (try or

Just add & submit this text as your AK


$* [email protected]{DOMAIN/KOBY/} 


[email protected] 

?bnd -- @_all 

@ = = DOMAIN 

?DRP -- [email protected]+Cnvrstn$


You can then play the game by using the input address DOMAIN/my_guess.txt (don’t forget to change ‘DOMAIN’ to your web address & submit the key!)


Thanks, what would happen if I changed the input to say a google doc?


Unless you were able to remove the syntax placed their by google (everything but the plain text) nothing.

We haven’t created a toolset for scraping text off native HTML/PHP pages yet.


One last question. Does the platform support webhooks?


That’s a good question the short answer is no unless you’re prepared to write an input method. You can however with a little tinkering make GET requests to your Conversation post URL.


@DeadLetter is it on the roadmap?


You can use webhooks and REST API’s but you’ll need to make a GET requests to pull information.