Number recognition tutorial


Not sure if this is the right place to record this but here goes for a noobie!
Not a developer but thought I’d try this tutorial. Yes I did read the rest of the site but not sure I really understand it! So looked at replicating this tutorial.
I had a few challenges along the way and suggest the following:

  • the curl commands didn’t work for me on Ubuntu 18.04. Specifically needed -O rather than -o and pulling down the number files was fraught! The command just didn’t work. Looked at the curl manual and ended up using: sudo curl -O[0-8].png where xxx was zero through eight, i.e. 8 lines. I tried appending the 8 URL’s on a single line but curl ‘forgot’ the -O flag and just moaned about binary output and produced no files. Interestingly if I used the format -
    sudo curl -O{zero,one,two,three,four,five,six,seven,eight,nine}-x.png where ‘x’ is 0-8 then curl copied the first 8 files and then errored in the same way. There is probably a better format for the command but you should update the tutorial as what is given just doesn’t work.

  • I was a little worried about substituting text and the syntax for URL’s. In particular I have stored the numbers files in a sub-directory and referenced then like this - Trusted_Cnvrstn//@/dld/numbers.txt - in the AK. Is that correct?

  • Whilst there are only a few lines in the conversation file I am trying to work out what they do. My first guess is as follows;

@Do-ID:xxx xxx can be any name I want, Do-ID is set as my name with the ‘@’ being a general substitution command and not just for FQDN?

    $* [email protected]{mjb-ak.txt}             Is $* the same as $_? It appears that the value inside {} is set as the root within [email protected]

trusted_Cnvrstn//@/dld/numbers.txt      OK but not sure what syntax may be used for URL here

[email protected]       does this just apply to In my case the files are at

?bnd -- @_all                             this seems to define @ in 2 steps. Why not 1?
	@ = =    
?DRP -- [email protected]+Cnvrstn$   it looks to set the value of DRP but I don't follow the use of the $'s

Apologies for the long post but trying to get into machine learning and I can at least understand some of this! I’ll wait for my AK to be approved and see if I can run the tutorial.



Hey MJB!

You seem very technical for a non developer! A good place to start is the Library explanation here; Understanding - Basic_Number_2018 (Library)

Before going over the principals here;

This should help you understand what’s going on, but essentially the Conversation is comparing the substituted value of X (the input) with Y (the files from your Library). Your Author key on the otherhand is a key to identify you, your files and where to look for things.


@Jacko - thanks but still struggling, About to give up when you commented.

I hadn’t seen the Principles stuff - there is no link to it that I can see.

I can’t work out the URL format to see if any output has been generated. The specification in Principles differs form that in the AK walkthrough.
I have tried:
(I use a sub-directory)

(as suggested in the AK walkthrough but possibly only for keys!)

as well as with a trailing /

Does this mean that there is no output or have I the URL wrong? Aside from output being generated I do not know if the conversation is working or whether there are errors - or am I missing something?