Hangman library


This library looks fascinating and you provide the hangman.txt template but what about a skeletal conversation file so I can experiment?
It is quite challenging trying to understand this.


Closer examination of this library raises some queries.
Has it been tested coz

    @ID_@HANGMAN.TXT second ‘@‘ a typo?

  • WORDS;
    LIST, ALL – @ID_ DAW_2019 AS ‘$_WRD*’. is this a library reference? if so where is it? There is a DAW_EN_2018


Hi @mjb

The Library is actually part of a tutorial - what you’re after is their.

As for the two points

  1. I can not see an error however I’ve asked for the library to be reviewed just encase
  2. DAW_EN_2018 is a (EN) language Library (you scrolled past it to find HANGMAN_2019)


Missed the new tutorial. Kinaesthetic is so spelt; assuming this is a UK site!

Thanks trying it now.


Hi @mjb, thanks, but I think we’ll keep the American spelling in this case.